• Just like a chameleon utilizing its
    colored pigments and crystals to
    adapt to its surroundings,
    we proactively pioneer and adapt to
    the everchanging NGS markets with
    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.

Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel

Detection panel for the accurate sequencing
and identification of prominent whole viral
genomes, including SARS-CoV-2 mutations
and variants.

NGS Target Enrichment Panels

Targeted Sequencing is a technique that
selectively analyzes specific regional
sequences of genomes.

WGS Service

Celemics has developed optimized reagents
and bioinformatics software to provide
high quality SARS-CoV-2 whole genome
sequencing results within 24 hours.

TrueRepertoire™ Sequencing Service

TrueRepertoire™ Solution overcomes the limitations
of current antibody discovery methodologies and
NGS-based immune repertoire analysis

BTSeq™ Mitochondrial
DNA Sequencing Service

Celemics provides two methods of NGS-based
mitochondrial DNA sequencing : BTSeq™ and
Target Enrichment-based methodologies,
which can be used individually or in tandem with
other NGS panels for comprehensive analysis.

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Comprehensive Respiratory Virus Panel


BTSeq™ Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing Service


NGS Target Enrichment Panel


BTSeq™ SARS-CoV-2 WGS Service