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    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.

Customized High-Throughput Genotyping Panel

Comprehensive analysis with High accuracy

 Accelerate Your Plant & Breeding Research


For molecular breeding, the availability and easy accessibility of
genomic resources is a prerequisite.

Although technological advances have provided a range of resources like molecular markers,
genetic linkage maps, whole genome sequences, and transcriptomes, agricultural genomics has
been facing many challenges.
Celemics provides the solution with our High-Throughput Genotyping Panel. We have utilized NGS and hybridization-based capture technology, whereby a high number of
regions of interest are simultaneously enriched using specifically designed probe, to provide
new insights into different agricultural genomics research.

Features &

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    NGS-based target enrichment sequencing assay
    Utilize NGS-based target enrichment method for higher accuracy and
    cost-effective experiment compared to conventional methods such
    as conventional GBS, PCR, and microarray
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    Comprehensive analysis with high accuracy
    Perform comprehensive assay of 100 to 10,000 markers with minimized
    false-negatives and false-positives
    Discover novel SNPs
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    Cost-effective analysis
    Benefit from Celemics library preparation kit, target capture technology,
    and multiplexing indices specifically designed
    for high-throughput genotyping
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    Outstanding performance regardless of various origins
    Receive high-quality results enabled by species-specifically designed
    blocking oligos across all types of origins


Preventing the loss of markers with low frequencies
and detecting the novel markers

Hybridization-based NGS target enrichment enables discovery of novel
SNPs near target region
Customers can detect novel genetic markers in the target region with their
accurate frequencies through  Celemics' Customized High-Throughput
Genotyping Panel.
For successful genomic-assisted breeding, preventing the loss
of minor effect QTLs or markers is important.

Can analyze structural variations
including Large deletion and gene rearrangement

Accurate analysis of all mutation types including large
deletion and rearrangement
Customers can include large deletion and gene rearrangement
information into the calculation of genomics-estimated breeding
value for more precise prediction.
The frequencies of the structural variations among the population also can be
accurately calculated through NGS-based high-throughput genotyping


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    Genomics-assisted breeding

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    Validation after gene editing