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Circulating Tumor DNA Panel – Colorectal / Lung / Breast

Discover and Accelerate with Reliable result

Highly Optimized Panel for Clinical Testing with Exceptional Accuracy


The detection sensitivity for low-frequency variants from
a limited amount of sample is of great importance
to a ctDNA analysis kit.

Celemics has developed ctDNA-based kits for colon, breast, and lung cancer
assays through collaborative research with Seoul National
University Hospital since 2017.
We have integrated our market-leading proprietary technologies including
probe design algorithms, noise removal techniques, and reagent optimization.
The panel is thoroughly validated and ready to use for clinical diagnostics.

Features &

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    Detects ctDNA for colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer
    Assess 16 key genes for colorectal cancer, 14 for breast cancer,
    15 for lung cancer
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    Highly optimized panel for clinical testing with exceptional accuracy
    Complete validated panel performance conducted with patient samples
    through collaborative research with Seoul National University Hospital
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    Provides Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) and Bioinformatics Software
    Receive high-quality data supported by Celemics proprietary UMI algorithms
    and analysis software, enabling efficient duplication removal
    and minimizing sequencing noise
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    Algorithms to reduce sequencing background noise to
    accurate analysis of low-frequency variants
    Celemics applies algorithms for reducing the sequencing noise
    to provide accurate and reliable sequencing results to our customers


  • Colorectal Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 100%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 97.9%
  • Breast Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 94.4%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 96.3%
  • Lung Cancer
    Sensitivity Freq. 0.5% 100%
    Freq. 1.0% 100%
    Specificity 100%

Each of the three ctDNA panels showed greater than 94% sensitivity and 96% specificity when used in the ctDNA research and clinical fields


Workflow of Celemics’ Circulating Tumor DNA Panel

  • Able to assess ctDNA with ultra-low variant allele frequency (VAF)
  • Modular algorithm to be applied in the existing pipeline.
  • Retrieves more unique reads than that from conventional duplication
    removal algorithms, reducing sequencing costs
  • Noise removal and accurate calls due to proprietary consensus sequence
    generation algorithm

Bioinformatics SW for noise reduction and duplicate read recovery

  • Minimizes the noise for accurate analysis of variants with ultra-low VAF from ctDNA
  • Generates consensus read to support noise suppression
  • Continuous improvement of the noise removal technology by data accumulation


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    Early diagnosis of cancers

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    Observation of the prognosis