• Just like a chameleon utilizing its
    colored pigments and crystals to
    adapt to its surroundings,
    we proactively pioneer and adapt to
    the everchanging NGS markets with
    our cutting-edge technology to
    support our customer’s needs.


Celemics Accessories

Increase the sensitivity, high performing, and speed by using
Celemics Accessories for your innovative discovery

Library Preparation Kit

Standard / Enzymatic Preparation Kit

Celemics provides two methods for library preparation step, Standard Library Preparation Kit and Enzymatic Preparation Kit (EP Kit).

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Double-Stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit

Celemics Double-Stranded cDNA Synthesis Kit is optimized for NGS-based RNA sequencing providing all component for NGS Library Preparation

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Hybridization Enhancer

4 hours of hybridization with no compromise on the performance quality and reduces costs by pooling multiple samples before the hybridization process

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CeleMag™ Clean-up Bead

Unique magnetic bead-based chemistry for purification and size selection of nucleic acids

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CeleMag™ Streptavidin Bead

To isolate targeted genes that are bound to probes and minimizing DNA loss during the target enrichment process

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CLM Polymerase

The product includes all reaction components for PCR and exhibiting high yield and accuracy with minimized PCR bias

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