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Library Preparation Kit

Optimized for high-efficiency Celemics Panels (Standard / EP)


Library Preparation Kits are highly optimized for efficient usage with Celemics panels

The Library Preparation Kit Standard and Enzymatic Preparation (EP) both include end-repair and A-tailing enzyme mix index primers (single or dual), adapters and buffer.



DNA Fragmentation
Standard Fragmentation EP Fragmentation
Option 1. Sonication Option 2. Fragmentase Fragmentase
Bead Purification & Quantification
NGS Library Preparation
ER / A ER / A ER / A
Adapter Ligation (Single / Dual Index)
Bead Purification
Index PCR
Target Enrichment

Celemics provides two methods for library preparation step, Standard Library
Preparation Kit and Enzymatic Preparation Kit (EP Kit).
The Standard Library Preparation Kit includes all reagents for End repair (ER),
A-tailing (A), and Adapter Ligation steps. For DNA fragmentation from Standard
Library Preparation Kit, customers can use ultra-sonication devices or fragmentase.
Fragmentase is provided by Celemics and included in the kit uponrequest.
While Standard Kit is composed of 4 different steps, EP Kit includes all steps from
enzymatic fragmentation to ER/A in a single reaction enabling convenient workflow.
Since the purification step is not needed for EP Kit, the kit allows for minimal DNA
loss which is a crucial factor for damaged DNA samples such as FFPE.

For Option 1, ultra sonicator is not provided with the kit.
For Option 2, the inclusion of the fragmentase in the kit is optional.