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BTSeq™ Standard Service

Up to 20kb or more, NGS-based sequencing without the need of primer walking


"Celemics is able to significantly lower the Library Prep processing and overall analysis costs by developing our own proprietary BTSeq™ technology, as these factors occupied a significant portion of the cost of NGS analysis.”

For the last few decades, Sanger sequencing has been the standard for analyzing DNA sequences. Due to its need for repetitive primer design, primer synthesis and sequencing steps during Primer Walking when analyzing long sequences, however, it requires lengthy experimental time and large costs to perform.

Additionally, issues such as high repeat experiment rates, intermittent errors and a less than 1 kb read length limitation have made sequence analysis difficult for clients.

To overcome these limitations, Celemics created an NGS-based molecular barcoding technology and NGS error elimination algorithm solution, allowing for the analysis of sequences with lengths greater than 1 kb without the need of sequencing primers.


Using Celemics’ BTSeq™ - Standard Service, our clients can get accurate
results, even if the sequences are not easily readable via Sanger sequencing due to
secondary structures.

Celemics is capable of lowering the Library Preparation and analysis cost significantly by
developing our own proprietary BTSeq™ Library Preparation Reagents, as these are the
important factors determining the cost for NGS analysis.

Features &

Efficient analysis without the use of sequencing primers
Reduction in time and cost for primer production and
optimization (design, synthesis, testing) originally
required for Sanger sequencing
Full length sequencing results for sequences
up to 20 kb delivered within 2-3 days
Fast sequence analysis using Celemics’ proprietary
molecular barcode technology and NGS error
elimination / assembly algorithm
Implementation of NGS technology and delivery
of accurate and definite results
Use of digitized NGS analysis results to deviate from
Sanger sequencing results with obscure peaks from
excess noise (AB1 and FASTA files included)
Very low repeat experiment rate
Provision of high-quality sequence information
without the need for repeat experiment required
by Sanger Sequencing
Accurate results generated from strong
secondary structures
Accurate results generated even from sequences
deemed difficult through Sanger sequencing,
such as strong secondary structures


  • Long-range PCR amplicon sequencing
  • Plasmid sequencing
  • mtDNA sequence analysis
  • Micro-organism identification
  • Miscellaneous Sanger sequencing applications