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TrueRepertoire™ Sequencing Service

High-throughput clonal analysis of antibody library

Rare clone discovery, clonal PTM, VH-VL pairing analysis, Clone retrieval for further usage


“ Celemics’ TrueRepertoire™ Solution overcomes the limitations of current antibody discovery methodologies and NGS-based immune repertoire analysis”

The current in vitro screening method for antibody discovery selects clones at random, then proceeds with an assay, leading to a high chance of repeated discovery of the same antibody existing in large quantities as well as a low chance of finding antibodies with various characteristics and binding capacities existing at low frequencies.

In contrast, switching in vitro screening and DNA sequence analysis steps enables confirming the antibody sequences in the library and checking their binding capacities without repeatedly discovering identical antibodies. This has allowed our clients to obtain increased number of clones with confirmed binding capacities in the most cost-effective way compared to conventional methods. With TrueRepertoire™, our clients can discover rare clones that have not been detected previously with drastically reduced time and cost.


Celemics’ TrueRepertoire™ Solution overcomes the limitations of current antibody
discovery methods and NGS-based immune repertoire analysis.

TrueRepertoire™ Solution

  • 01. Flawless analysis of an antibody library with over 10,000 sequences
  • 02. Sequence analysis of the entire antibody variable area, including VH-VL linkage information
  • 03. Characteristic analysis and prediction of antibodies by using specialized bioinformatics analysis
  • 04. Retrieval of the most desired antibody molecule without synthesis

You can discover rare clones using our TrueRepertoire™ Service for those previously undetected
with a conventional method by spending significantly less time and cost.

Features &

Provision of antibody DNA sequence library containing
over 10,000 errorless strains
NGS-based sequence analysis, high-capacity clone
separation, molecular barcode assays using Celemics
proprietary MSSIC technology
VH-VL Linkage analysis of each antibody
Provision of VH-VL Linkage information, an area previously
difficult to analyze through NGS due to its short read length
Provision of physical property analysis of each antibody
through bioinformatics analysis
Clone frequency distribution within the library, VH and VL
sequence length distribution, post-translation modification
information, CDR and frame amino acid information, etc.
Retrieval of selected physical antibody
When using existing technologies to run NGS-based
antibody sequence analysis, it is possible to obtain
the sequence but impossible to get DNA material
for each clone, requiring a costly gene synthesis process.
Celemics’ TrueRepertoire™ Antibody Sequencing Service
contains the client’s desired antibody clone within the library
itself, eliminating the need to perform new gene synthesis and
decreasing the required time and cost.


  • Antibody discovery
    (Screening of candidate material)
  • Lead antibody optimization
  • Single cell DNA sequence analysis