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Metagenomic Sequencing Service

Detection of Bacterial Pathogen and Microbe classification


16S rRNA Sequencing Service and Kit is used for microbiome
and mycobiome studies.

service allows for characterizing and differentiating a myriad of microbial species. The 16S V4 (or V3-V4) region of bacteria and archaea and 18S ITS1 (or ITS1-ITS2)
region of fungi is amplified by PCR.
After cleaning up using CeleMag beads, the indices and adapters are attached
for NGS and BI analysis.
According to the purpose of customer’s studies, various analysis reports are
provided by the Celemics robust analysis pipeline.
Please contact us for further information.

Features &

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    Flexible panel design
    Sequencing of V3 or V3-V4 region can be available for bacteria
    Sequencing of ITS1 or ITS1-ITS2 region can be available for fungi
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    Support BI analysis for classification and diversity
    Various types of results provide a comprehensive insight into sample microbes


NGS-based metagenomic analysis workflow


By Celemics’ BI analysis pipeline, various types of analysis for the microbes are supported including taxonomy classification and diversity.

  • 16S rRNA sequencing for bacteria

  • 18S ITS sequencing for fungi

  • Celemics Metagenomic Sequencing Panel enables both V3 and V3-V4 sequencing for bacteria. Customers can choose appropriate service pitted to own research.
  • As with the 16S rRNA sequencing service, the 18S ITS sequencing service provides two different manners; ITS1 and ITS1-ITS2.


Example of metagenomic sequencing analysis report

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Results presented above are a few selected examples of the metagenomics sequencing results that Celemics provides. Contact us for more information.


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    Bacterial Pathogen Detection

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    Microbe Classification